Frouga, Morocco

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Passionate Producer

Dedicated to growing and milling the finest quality artisan olive oil


We are Unique

Frouga, located between Marrakech and the Atlas Mountains, Morocco

Our trees blend are from the best of the 2 sides of the Mediterranean, the Picholine Languedoc. French and Morocco, which is also a mix of who we are as producers. We planted those trees ourself when our first boy was born, Since 2010, and since then we don't stop take good care of them like our children and they are our family now!

Every steps is carefully though to make priority to the best quality, nothing else, no compromise!


Why ONLY Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

It can help with


There are many scientific studies that suggest that olive oil helps prevent and treat heart disease


Olive Oil can have positive effects on cholesterol levels by helping to maintain a better balance between HDL (“good”) cholesterol and LDL (“bad”) cholesterol

Fight Cancer

There is preliminary evidence that olive oil can help fight cancer and Alzheimer's disease, although this needs to be confirmed in human controlled trials.


Extra virgin olive oil is loaded with antioxidants, some of which have powerful biological effects.

Weight Loss

Substituting olive oil for other saturated fats in your diet can do just that


Olive oil contains oleic acid and oleocanthal, nutrients that can fight inflammation


Grown at the foothills of the Moroccan Atlas Mountains, our premium extra virgin olive oil is a product of many partnerships between the sun, land, the Mediterranean sea, and the people who take care, hand pick and press the olives. Savor the subtle and intense floral notes of our oil with your gourmet meals or simply with a loaf of bread.

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A unique taste, Intense!

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FR: +33 785112134

MA: +212 638817905

Frouga, Morocco

How we bring the best of the Olives to you?

We carefully hand pick our olives
We cold press our Olives less than 24h after picking
We store the Olive oil in stainless steel vats only

2020 Winner


Silver Award at the 2020 NYIOOC World Olive Oil Competition