A Family History

Harrando & Co

Passionate Olive Oil producer & distributor ALL OVER THE WORLD, located between MARRAKECH & the ATLAS mountains, dedicated to the cultivation and molding of the best quality artisan olive oil.


A Family Story

  • Cultivated at the foot of the Moroccan Atlas Mountains, our high-end extra virgin olive oil is the result of numerous partnerships between the sun, the land, the Mediterranean Sea and the people who take care of it, pick and press them. olives in hand. Savor the subtle and intense floral notes of our oil with your gourmet meals or simply with a loaf of bread.

  • Taste our PICHOLINE LANGUEDOC, from GARD, you will be surprised !!! Its taste is INTENSE and UNIQUE, CUTLURE and PRODUCTION made in MOROCCO.

  • Our parents, now grandparents, were all born in MOROCCO, we, our children and grandchildren were born in France and the USA, have become citizens of the world, after all these years we have become a big family and our goal is to introduce the whole world to our family ORGANIC EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL, a TRUE and UNIQUE local product from the MOROCCAN territory.

  • The cultivation of our ORGANIC EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL is cultivated in FROUGA in MOROCCO, a charming village located 48 km southwest of Marrakech.

  • Our olive trees come from the best of both sides of the Mediterranean, the Languedoc Picholine. French and Morocco, which is also a mixture of who we are as producers and as a family. We planted these trees ourselves in 2010, in particular and for the record, it was during the birth of a new member of the HARRANDO family, Nael, 11 years old today and then two sisters, Camilla and Sarah, since all these years, we have known how to cultivate and take care of our trees as a whole part of a member of our family.

  • Each step, from harvest to plate is carefully studied and prepared with the sole objective of QUALITY is NOTHING else.

Our Vision

  • Our organic extra virgin olive oil comes from our family plantation in the region of Frouga, peaceful oasis of peace and fertile land between Marrakech and the ATLAS mountains in MOROCCO, a geographical location stored for its quality terroir, Our orchards are reserved on an area of ​​17 Hectares and to date 6000 olive trees.

  • Picholine is a variety of French olive. Although originally from the Gard, it is now cultivated all over the world. This is a variety from the Collias region, between Uzès and Remoulins.
    Very fruity and green, this oil with bitterness and light spiciness is characterized by aromas of pome fruits (apple and pear) with herbal notes of hay.

  • HARRANDO & CO IS AN ORGANIC monovarietal EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL planted, cultivated, harvested BY HAND, stored in stainless steel vats and bottled in MOROCCO, from PICHOLINE LANGUEDOC olives, from GARD within the HARRAND0 estate. &CO.

  • SILVER NY2020 Silver Award at the 2020 NYIOOC World Olive Oil Competition (competition held every spring in New York, the world's most prestigious olive oil competition) www.bestoliveoils.org

  • Gold medal DUBAI OLIVE COMPETITION 2020 (1st Edtions consumes 17 countries and 287 producers who had the award in July 2020)

  • We are AUTHENTIC and offer only QUALITY respecting the ORGANIC standards and procedures of the European Union.


Where are our olive trees

  • We carefully choose our olives by hand in a land of EXCEPTION

  • We coldly press our olives less than 24 hours after picking

  • Our Olive Oil is stored exclusively in STAINLESS steel tanks

  • FROUGA, Village typiquement MAROCAIN situé à une altitude de 600 mètres au niveau de la mer, au pied des montagnes de l'ATLAS au sud de Marrakech.

  • Ensoleillement OPTIMAL et ambiance très PURE. Idéal pour la culture des oliviers marocains

  • Harrando Samira & Rachid

What we do 

A unique quality, an exceptional product,

a fair Agricultural Cooperative price,

an experience of the Moroccan territory

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